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MedAdvo - Medical Advocacy

MedAdvo is a medical advocacy company specializing in assisting attorneys, individuals and businesses with understanding healthcare costs and navigating the healthcare system.

Our team is staffed with seasoned professionals committed to helping our clients decipher their medical bills in an effort to avoid and recover overpayments due to errors and overcharging by healthcare providers.

For Attorneys: We will help you discover opportunities to grow your practice by using our proven talents to save your firm time, and your clients’ money. That time and money ultimately benefits everyone involved in that process.

For Individuals: We will work on your behalf to improve your overall healthcare experience which includes: healthcare navigation, verifying healthcare charges, and demanding reasonable pricing.

For Businesses: Whether a self-insured entity or other covered entity, we are dedicated to managing your cost, increasing overall awareness of health plan opportunities, bill review, education and more.

Our programs improve company morale and improve financial performance.

Overcharged? Need a medical bill reviewed?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 medical bills have errors?

QUESTION: Why is it when we leave the grocery store we check our receipts?

ANSWER: We are checking to make sure that we have not been overcharged. We think that the clerk might have mistakenly scanned an item twice.

In healthcare, the same possibilities exist; the possibility of being overcharged and that opportunity of checking for that overcharge. Sadly, we typically are overcharged, yet we rarely take advantage of the opportunity to check the bill for overcharges. The fact of the matter is that we are more likely to be overcharged in the hospital than in the grocery line. MedAdvo can get in line and check your receipt. We root out inflation, overcharges, and other mistakes.

Ever received a bill for any type of service and the costs were more than expected?

In scenarios such as these, you can decide not accept the product. Healthcare is no different. Just like any other product, the cost for healthcare services can be more than expected. The problem is that the patient has no means to determine if the bill is unreasonable. That patient just knows it does not feel right and is resigned to buyer’s remorse. Remorse no more! MedAdvo can review your costs and determine the reasonableness of medical bills.

Do the charges for your services seem high? Do you need expert knowledge of spotting errors? Is there information missing or difficult to understand?

Are you aware that accuracy is healthcare’s # 1 challenge? In fact, 8 out of 10 medical bills contain errors.

You cannot take the chance and assume that you are one of the 20% that gets an accurate bill. Sometimes you just need to know. If you are in the 80% that get an inaccurate bill, you could lose hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars. Contact MedAdvo; we will review your bill for accuracy and give you the reassurance that you deserve.

Surprise, Outrage, and Disbelief are all normal emotions after you discover your claim has been underpaid or not paid at all.

Think it’s over? It’s not over! Sit still. Let MedAdvo advocate on your behalf. We can get insurers to pay, while others can’t.

About MedAdvo

MedAdvo is a medical advocacy company specializing in assisting attorneys, individuals, and businesses with understanding healthcare and associated costs.

Our organization is led by a group of seasoned healthcare executives that laude decades of experience in regulatory compliance, Medicare, Medicaid and 3rd party payers, executive leadership, strategic planning, health information management, forensic auditing, financial cost and negotiations, legal, nursing, social services, contract and billing management and chargemaster review and analysis.

MedAdvo is dedicated its’ clients by assisting our clients in navigating the healthcare system effectively.

MedAdvo facilitates informed decisions, accepting only 1st class, prompt, patient friendly and affordable care.

MedAdvo promotes rigorous standards for ethical considerations and codes of conduct when providing medical decision-making support.

MedAdvo insists in its representation of its clients that quality healthcare can yet still be affordable.

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    Spotting Medical Billing Errors

    Either for an individual or for an attorney serving as a personal injury lawyer, spotting medical bill errors might be tough. Although billing errors result from common human mistakes, one single case might cause you to pay serious amounts of money out of your pocket.

    A statistical analysis by Medicare has found that an average of 49% of medical bills contains errors, and also that some hospitals have more than 80% claims of errors to Medicare. A report by Financial Protection Bureau has also revealed that 52% of all the debt on credit reports is caused by medical bills.

    So, if you are an attorney having a client complaining about medical overcharges, it might be difficult and really time consuming for you to spot each and every medical service that your client has received. A billing statement contains standardized numerical “CPT” codes to categorize treatments. The code can be Googled to find out what it stands for. Instead, you might ask for an itemized statement from the medical service provider, which gives a clearer view of the treatments and their costs and then immediately call MedAdvo for a complimentary review.

    Yet, there are several steps to find the errors in the statement sheets which may require further investigation for some particular key reason for the billing errors. This analysis requires time and costs money and likely will cause the dispute to carry on for a longer period of time and here is where MedAdvo comes in.

    We can help you make the bill analysis process less time consuming and thus save more money for you and your client. We have experienced professionals to help you find each and every error in your billing statement with less effort and time. Please contact us for more information today.

    For more information or solutions, contact MedAdvo at 855-439-4300 or at . info@medadvo.com

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    Spotting Medical Billing Errors

    Causes of medical billing errors are categorized into the following two main groups:

    • Billing errors: In the USA, an average of up to 80% of the medical bills contains errors resulting from common humanly mistakes.
    • Failure to stay up-to-date on medical billing rules and regulations: Billing rules are regularly changing. So, it requires repeated training and education to gain the latest rules and adapt to it. As a result it has a direct impact on the charges documented for treatments.

    The above two reasons points out that it is even difficult for an attorney to find specific errors in a billing statement. Ordinary people might not give heed to it if the charges do not seem suspiciously high. As a result personal bankruptcy due to medical billing may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

    So, if you are an attorney who has a client claiming that he/she has been overcharged by the medical provider, you would do your best to find out the human billing errors as well as get you knowledge up to date about the billing rules. These procedures might require months to complete and make your client loose the money he/she is hoping to save by solving the medical billing issue, due to charges associated to the case review.

    As a result, a perfect approach might be to let MedAdvo handle the research, which it can do in less time and of course at a lower cost. We have highly specialized professionals who are experienced in performing the task with the highest amount of precision that you are looking for.

    We are always ready to help you. Please contact us if you need help.


    Call Toll Free: (855) 439-4300

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    Common Causes of Billing Errors

    You might be a patient who has received treatments from several health care service providers. Your billing statement might seem to be charging you with an overwhelmingly high amount of money. Or, maybe you’re an attorney who has promised to help such a patient, overcharged by his/her medical provider.

    Here are some of the common reasons of medical billing errors to look for:

    • Duplicate charges
    • Canceled tests or procedures
    • Incorrect patient information
    • Upcoding charge
    • Unbundling of charges
    • Balance billing when in-network
    • Incorrect quantity
    • Operating room and anesthesia time

    Well, you can see that there are several of them, and investigating to find each one on your or your clients billing statement might be chaotic, confusing and time consuming. As a result the dispute can last longer than you expected. Now, don’t you think it will be a better idea to let a third party handle the analysis of the billing statement? This will let you concentrate more on your particular area of expertise, if you are an attorney, rather than spending time to analyze and find out simple human errors which has cause the billing issue.

    MedAdvo can assure you perfect and accurate inquiry of each and every possible billing error. We serve to save you money and time. Our professional experts can find errors with great care and accuracy and quickly. We look forward to offer our best efforts right now.

    Please contact us for more information today.

    Call Toll Free: (855) 439-4300

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    ATTORNEYS: Personal Injury; Medical Bill Negotiations, Medical Debt

    Personal Injury: As a personal injury Attorney, are you dealing with complicated insurance or provider medical bills or maybe you're too busy to validate your client's medical bills? Bills from multiple providers? Are you challenged with keeping track of bills? Understanding their costs? Is the settlement uncertain while the bills are overwhelming?

    Or maybe you need the services of additional providers for validation of injuries whether its’ treatment, reports, or expert testimony. Whether the case has major exposure or not, when medical bills are involved the same amount of time is necessary. And for you, time is important; you have other clients to serve. MedAdvo can help you close your cases, deal with medical costs and discover ways to deliver more money into the hands of your clients. Contact MedAdvo and let us show you how.

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How Does MedAdvo Work?

Have You Been Overcharged?

ABOUT MEDADVO: Our Elevator Pitch

How Does MedAdvo Work?

ATTORNEYS: Personal Injury; Medical Bill Negotiations, Medical Debt

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Do you have a medical issue that will require a medical procedure? Maybe you are preparing for the procedure now but you are not sure about whether the procedure is right for you. You might even have questions about costs, follow up care, and more. We can assist you before you go any further. Click the icon to learn about some of our solutions.

Medical Bill Review

Insurance already paid your claim and you're not sure your claim is accurate? Guess what? Although your insurance company paid the majority of the claim, an inaccurate bill can actually increase your out of pocket expenses! We can assist you before you go any further. Click the icon to learn about some of our solutions.


We help employers save healthcare costs by discovering ways to create prescription discounts, limit out of pocket expenses, enhance network payments, lower dental and vision costs while fostering healthier employees. We can assist you before you go any further. Click the icon to learn about some of our solutions.


In all matters, MedAdvo assists attorneys with closing cases faster, relieving the medical management/auditing burden from the firm and its clients. Let us show you how we can save your firm time, money and improve your bottom line. We can assist you before you go any further. Click the icon to learn about some of our solutions.

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